Folkhälsan Education

A sports educator of its time

Folkhälsan Utbildning Ab is a company that engages in sports and sales, occupational training, adult education, free training and workshop activities. We endeavour to be an educator that combines quality and professionalism in education and training, with various trends and specializations.

Folkhälsan Utbildning consists of the following units

Each sector offers training in leadership, health, wellness and sports. Our students find their place in the labour market and improve their own well-being.

The company brings the only Swedish-speaking sports courses in Finland under the same roof at the Solvalla and Norrvalla sports institutes; it also hosts the workshop, Föregångarna Resource Centre.

Folkhälsan Utbildning Ab is an active member of Urheiluopistojen Yhdistys (Finnish Sports Institutes) and networks with the Finnish-speaking sporting community. Solvalla and Norrvalla are two of 14 sports institutes in Finland and fall under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
The target group for the Föregångarna Resource Centre’s activities consists of jobseekers and students who need support in, or are considering dropping out of, their studies, as well as so-called NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training). The age range of the target group is 16 to 65. The Föregångarna Resource Centre performs preventive work to minimise the risk of social exclusion.

As an active organisation in the area of sport, Folkhälsan Utbildning is strongly connected with the organisation Finlands Svenska Idrott in its activities, and shares training resources with it. At Norrvalla, our training shares the same location as the Vörå sports college, at the Norrvalla campus. In Solvalla, Solvalla campus is being expanded and renovated.

Folkhälsan Utbildning also participates in Nordic collaboration and focuses on increasing public knowledge and the range and quality of its activities through increased Nordic interaction.
Collaboration and interaction with the third cycle are an important element – projects and Open University courses are ongoing alongside Åbo Akademi University/CLL and the University of Helsinki. We are also collaborating on a Nordic project with Umeå University and in other courses with the Arcada University of Applied Sciences.

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    • Tomas Järvinen

      CEO, Folkhälsan Utbildning Ab

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      +358 40 584 4655

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    • Ulla-Britt Hedlund-Lundström

      CFO, Folkhälsan Utbildning Ab

    • Tel:
      +358 6 383 1071

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    • Stefan Backman

      Assistant Rector Norrvalla & Solvalla

    • Tel:
      +358 40 567 7070

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    • Sara Riska

      Temporary Rector Norrvalla

    • Tel:
      +358 40 912 9475

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