Occupational arena

Occupational arena – your way into the labour market

This course is aimed at immigrants with a basic knowledge of Swedish.

Glada personer fotade vid Sibeliusmonumentet i Helsingfors.

During the course of a year, you will receive the language skills you need in basic occupational training, education or work. You will also gain greater knowledge of Finland’s study and working culture, sporting skills of various types, and information on healthy life habits.

Course content:
• Swedish and Finnish
• mathematics and information technology
• social and cultural studies
• study and career selection skills
• health and wellbeing
• training in the workplace.

You can take the following as options, according to your personal study plan:
• catering permit
• first aid course
• hygiene passport
• computer driving licence
• hot work certificate
• work safety card
• general language exam
• how to start your own company.

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