Folkhälsan Swimrun

Save the date! The next edition of Folkhälsan Swimrun is going to be on September 9th 2023.

The event is organized in Noux National Park in Espoo, Finland a beautiful, varied and challenging Finnish national park environment.

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The routes for Endurance and Merit Race were updated for the races in 2021. You can see the new routes on the map (open a bigger size map by clicking on it):

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Folkhälsan Swimrun Solvalla was arranged for the eighth year in a row September 18th 2021. The competition was, again this year, challenging but at the same time according to many participants, the best that was arranged.

Winners at Folkhälsan Swimrun Solvalla Ö-till-Ö Merit race 2021 was:

Women: Finlands Svenska Idrott Henrika Backlund /Ann-Sofie Forrsten
Mixed: Your Pace or Mine? Jenni Korpi / Ville Korpi
Men: Team Envol Kawika Tarayao / Nicolas Remires

More results from Swimrun 2021 can be found here: PDF


Additional information

2014: Solvalla Swimrun was the first Swimrun competition to be held in Finland. 16 teams competed in the full distance race, which was the only distance to be arranged. In 2014 Solvalla Swimrun became an ÖtillÖ Partner Race.

2015: The participation numbers doubled, and the sprint race was organized for the first time.

2016: Approximately 70 teams participated in Solvalla Swimrun.

2017: Solvalla Swimrun Endurance route was introduced.
96 teams were on the starting line. All ÖtillÖ Partner races, including Solvalla Swimrun, became ÖtillÖ Merit races.

Solvalla is a national sports institute that stands on the shore of Lake Pitkäjärvi, next to Nuuksio National Park. In this area in Espoo, Finland, nature is unique, beautiful and untouched. Solvalla is located approx. 35 km from Helsinki city center and 17 km from Espoo city center.

Solvalla offers, among other courses, sports instructor and massage therapist qualifications. The courses are stimulating and provide good work prospects within the sports, health, and wellness industries, as well as within the field of youth and leisure activities.

Solvalla Sports Institute’s facilities include a Sports Arena, football field, gym, spinning studio, dance studio, boxing facilities, accommodation for approx. 100 guests, and 2 lakeside saunas. Solvalla organizes a variety of instructed activities, such as indoor climbing, canoeing, and sports related team activities.

Thanks to our extensive facilities and activities, we can provide an excellent meeting and training place for sports teams, companies, schools, and nurseries.

At Folkhälsan Swimrun, we are grateful for the pristine nature that allows us to arrange our race in such a beautiful environment. Our aim is to organize a green race and to promote sustainability so that we can arrange races many more years to come.

To protect the beautiful environment we do the following:

• We collect all race bibs after the race, with the aim of reusing them in the coming races. Please return your bib after the race.

• We forbid the racers from leaving any trash or equipment along the course. All trash and equipment must be carried to the finish line or thrown in bins at the aid stations.

• We enforce a rule that states that racers who deliberately leave trash in the forest may be subject to disqualification.

The amount of disposable cups usually used in sports events is huge, and this takes its toll on the environment. Inspired by our fellow race organizers at ÖtillÖ Merit Races, we aim to reduce the amount of paper cups used in our race. Therefore we encourage all teams to bring their own cups and/or flasks to Folkhälsan Swimrun.

For more information and requests: 

phone: 09 867 8430

Folkhälsan Swimrun is organized by Solvalla Sports Institute. 
Address: Nuuksiontie 82, 02820 Espoo

Public transport
From the airport you can take the local train to the Huopalahti station. At Huopalahti you need to switch trains and get a local train to Espoo city centre. From Espoo city center, bus service 245 / 245A / 245K (Nuuksionpää or Kattila) goes to Solvalla Sports Institute.

For more information about public transport in the capital area please visit: or

Single room € 62 / guest
Double room € 90 / room
The accommodation price includes breakfast.

We also offer rooms for 3–5 persons. For more information about accommodation during the competition, please contact us:


Head of Race Course: Heikki Kiili
Tel.+358 50 5901275

The persons listed above also form the jury to which the participants can make a protest. The protest fee is € 50 and will be returned if the protest is approved.

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