About Folkhälsan

About Folkhälsan

Folkhälsan is a versatile, modern non-profit organization operating in the field of social and health services. Folkhälsan’s activities include assistance, support, education, and care, being present at every stage of life. Founded in 1921, Folkhälsan employs today approximately 1,400 people. Our local associations across Swedish-speaking Finland have almost 19,000 members. Folkhälsan works towards a society where health and quality of life are central concerns.

Folkhälsan's Organization

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Folkhälsan’s three core values are competence, commitment, and care. These values can be seen in the entire organisation on its every level.


Our competence inspires confidence and results in purposeful and cost-effective activities.

Creativity and empathy are part of our everyday work.


Our commitment has an impact on society.

We all do our share to make Folkhälsan a forerunner in its field.

We take responsibility for people and have faith in the future.


Care requires respect for human dignity.

We see each person as a whole, and treat every person as an individual.

We work together and encourage everyone to engage in effective interaction.

Folkhälsan – Two steps ahead

Our vision guides our future activities and highlights Folkhälsan’s significant role as a forerunner.

The vision is like a star that leads our organisation in the right direction, but it can also be seen as the yardstick by which our objectives are evaluated.

Our vision for service production is to operate in an innovative manner and to be creative.

Folkhälsan emphasizes specialized, expertise-demanding products and new care concepts, the combination of which will enable us to stay ahead of other care and health care providers.

Supported by our vision, we will also continue to invest in health promoting activities. Staying one step ahead means emphasising preventive activities, two steps ahead means that we stress the significance of wide-ranging health promotion work.

In our research, our vision encourages us to strive for international success. Staying one step ahead could mean successful research in Finland, whereas staying two steps ahead means that Folkhälsan's research is expected to be competitive in comparison to international cutting-edge research.

To evaluate well-being at work, Folkhälsan regularly participates in the Great Place to Work evaluation.

In the autumn 2015 evaluation we were among the top five in the category for large organisations in Finland.
84 percent of our employees gave us a good overall evaluation, stating that “all in all I would say that this is a very good place to work”.

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Our policies contain the common guidelines for our work and outline our activities.

Our policies are:

  • Human Resources and Leadership policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Responsibility Policy
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Language Policy
  • Communications Policy

Contact information

The Folkhälsan communications department takes care of the general, group-level communications, and also of communications related to individual organisation units anywhere in the area of Swedish-speaking Finland.

Press contact

Communications Director Camilla Westerlund, tel: +358 50 374 8239