Personal training services

Get yourself into shape with our PT!

Optimise your training for your daily life and situation with the help of expert trainers. We will go through your day-to-day situation with you and restructure it to suit you.

Folkhälsans PT erbjuder personlig handledning till de som deltar i Folkhälsans personliga träningstjänster


Price for our PT-services is 80 euro/hour

We offer personal training services for private individuals, groups and companies. Optimise your training for daily life and build a better starting point with the help of expert trainers. We will go through your situation with you and restructure it to suit you. Our team is made up of trained people licensed by Europe’s biggest sports and fitness federation, the FISAF, and according to the EuropeActive standard.
All our packages are tailor made, which means that we consider how many PT sessions will provide you with most benefit. When considering your training set-up and how best to begin your journey towards your goals, we use the following as a basis:

Get started on your training!

To get started on your training, we recommend 3 to 10 PT sessions over the course of 3 to 10 weeks. Depending on what you need, we can also perform condition tests, draw up a training programme and provide dietary advice, to help you achieve your desired results faster.

Obtain support in achieving your health goals!

If you feel that you have the motivation but would like help in maintaining it, we recommend that we do tests together and draw up a training programme. We could then meet now and again, perhaps once a month, to see how your training is going.

Let’s get into shape together!

If you lack the motivation for training and feel that you need more support and help, we recommend that we train together over a longer period, such as 6 months, and meet once or twice a week. We can also meet less often if you feel ready to manage part of your training yourself. Naturally, we will set up a training programme that you can follow between our meetings. The more often and regularly we train together, the faster you will reach your goals!

In addition to joint training sessions, we offer the following services:

- Training programmes
- Condition tests
- Dietary advice
- Mental training
- Support by e-mail and telephone

If you are uncertain of how many meetings you will need and what would work best for you, book a free consultation with us!

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