Diversity of health

With the Diversity of health project, we are working to make Folkhälsan a more inclusive organisation. We are developing our operations so that everyone, regardless of their language or cultural background, feels welcome.

If you are a representative of a local association:

Is your local association interested in developing its operations to be more inclusive, or perhaps starting new groups? Do you want to have help with networking, reaching out to target audiences or something else?

If you are interested in engaging Folkhälsan:

Do you want to know how you can join Folkhälsan’s operations? Do you want to practise your Swedish? Perhaps work as a volunteer?

Get in touch with us. We'll help!

Contact us

    • Liselott Sundbäck

      Project leader, Uusimaa

    • Tel:
      044 788 1013

    • Contact
    • Luca Maurizi

      Contact person/project coordinator, Uusimaa

    • Tel:
      +35844 788 3608

    • Contact
    • Senada Arnautovic

      Project coordinator, Southern Ostrobothnia

    • Tel:
      044 788 3632

    • Contact
    • Tomislav Krstevski

      Project coordinator, Ostrobothnia

    • Tel:
      044 788 5951

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