Multicultural work at Folkhälsan

Multicultural work at Folkhälsan

Folkhälsan strives aims to be a leader in the field of migrant integration in Finland and strives to be an increasingly inclusive organisation. Our multicultural work team endeavours to make everyone feel welcome to participate in our activities regardless of language or cultural background.

Our goals are the following:

  • Making Folkhälsan’s activities more inclusive and more approachable for people with immigrant backgrounds.
  • Providing our staff and volunteers with training in multicultural issues, encountering people from various backgrounds, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Lowering the threshold for participating in our volunteer activities and joining in our local associations for people with migrant backgrounds.

Do you wish to participate in Folkhälsan activities – how can we help?

Do you wish to learn more about participating in Folkhälsan activities, or to practise your Swedish? Do you wish to participate as a volunteer or to join our local association? Contact us and we’ll tell you more about our organisation and help you find the activities that are right for you!

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    • Emina Arnautovic

      Project leader

    • Tel:
      044 788 1013

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    • Senada Arnautovic

      Project coordinator, Southern Ostrobothnia

    • Tel:
      044 788 3632

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