Folkhälsan Välfärd Ab

Working for the good life at all stages of life

Folkhälsan Välfärd Ab is a company wholly owned by Samfundet Folkhälsan. The company manages service production on behalf of Folkhälsan and provides services in the Swedish speaking areas of Finland: Uusimaa, Åboland, Ostrobothnia, and some smaller Swedish-speaking areas.

Some of our services are bought by municipalities, but an increasing number of our clients are private individuals. We believe in freedom of choice – more and more municipalities are issuing service vouchers, which means that an increasing number of people can choose their service provider themselves. The pending social and health care reform will further increase opportunities for exercising this freedom of choice.

For children, young people and families we offer day care, after-school care, summer activities, neuropsychiatric examinations, rehabilitation, family rehabilitation and family support, children’s homes and sheltered accommodation, as well as short-term care for children with disabilities.

For the elderly, we offer various types of supported housing, from independent apartments in our Folkhälsan Houses to group residences for those who require assistance from care personnel around the clock. We also offer daytime activities and rehabilitation, home services, and home health care.

Our rehabilitation centres in Korsholm and Jakobstad serve people of all ages.

Our vision “The good life – at all stages of life” embodies our belief that, with the right support and services, people in vulnerable positions can create a good life for themselves. All of our activities are based on health promotion.


    • Anna Litonius

      CEO, Folkhälsan Välfärd Ab

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