Group Kere

Genetics of Complex Phenotypes

We focus on gene effects and networks in complex human phenotypes. Our major projects are dyslexia, psoriasis, early embryonic development, and rare immune deficiency diseases. There is a strong strategic synergy between the projects, even though they represent different physiological systems.

Our research group was established 1994. We work in tight collaboration with clinical specialists as well as leading experts on special methods, such as single-cell transcriptomics and brain imaging, and are involved in international consortia. We use modern genomics tools such as high-throughput DNA and RNA sequencing for identifying gene variants and gene expression profiling, respectively, as well as epigenetics research techniques. In addition, our group has an interest in comparative studies between human and other species, such as dog.

We have identified several susceptibility genes e.g. for dyslexia, providing opportunities to study the pathogenetic mechanisms. Our major breakthrough provided a detailed transcriptome of early embryos in 1995. and now our focus is to identify the most critical factors regulating the early embryonic development. We have recently characterized two genes LEUTX and DPRX that are key factors in embryonic development. In psoriasis, we showed that innate immunity related signaling pathways are active also in non-immune cells of psoriatic skin. In dyslexia we are studying the relationship between a genetic background and brain activity. Our studies on immune deficiency disorders are focused on identifying genes behind the new and rare types of diseases. We have already identified several new genes with work ongoing on yet new genes.


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Senior Scientists

Outi Elomaa, PhD, Docent, Administrative Group Leader

Sini Ezer, PhD

Graduate Student

Mari Muurinen, MD

Undergraduate Students

Inka Häkkinen, Med stud

Kristiina Silventoinen, BM

Elina Tuovinen, BM


Eira Leinonen, Research Nurse

Auli Saarinen, Laboratory Assistant

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Folkhälsan Research Foundation

Academy of Finland

Finska Läkaresällskapet (“Medical Society of Finland”)

Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation

Sigrid Jusélius Foundation

Dyslexia consortium “DYSGEBRA”: Heikki Lyytinen, PhD, Professor, and Riitta Salmelin, DSc, Professor

Hannele Laivuori, MD, PhD

Hannes Lohi, PhD, Professor

Timo Otonkoski, MD, PhD, Professor

Mikko Seppänen, MD, PhD

Juha Tapanainen, MD, PhD, Professor


    • Juha Kere

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    • Outi Elomaa

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