Group Lohi

Canine Models of Human Diseases

We aim to understand the genetic origin of diseases. We pursue gene identification in dogs as a highly relevant model for human diseases. We have established a large Dog DNA bank with ~ 80,000 samples from over 330 different breeds. This provides a significant resource for various genetic studies.

Genetic studies using association and next generation sequencing approaches have been conducted or are running in numerous different conditions, including idiopathic epilepsy, ataxia, neurodegeneration, eye diseases, anxiety, and several developmental abnormalities. We have revealed a novel genetic loci and genes in many of the disorders and continue to validate and characterize the genes and related pathways in different models, including human patients. We have discovered several new genes for the conditions described above. This has provided new candidate genes for human conditions, improved understanding of the related disease mechanisms, and has enabled the development of new gene tests for diagnostic and breeding purposes in dogs. In addition, we are currently in a process of developing a novel metabolomic test for dogs as an additional diagnostic and research tool to support ongoing diseases studies.

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Senior Scientist

Hannes Lohi, PhD, professor, group leader
Marjo Hytönen, docent, administrative group leader

Post-Doctoral Scientists

Cesar Araujo
Meharji Arumilli
Maria Kaukonen
Milla Salonen

Visiting Scientists

Maria Kaukonen, DVM, PhD
Milla Salonen, PhD

Graduate Students

Tiina Heinonen
Salla Mikkola
Julia Niskanen
Emma Hakanen
Inka Penttinen

Undergraduate Students

Siiri Lappalainen, BSc
Sara Mikkonen, BSc


Sini Karjalainen, Laboratory Assistant

Metabolic fingerprinting of dogs with idiopathic epilepsy receiving a ketogenic medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

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Fearfulness associates with problematic behaviors and poor socialization in cats.

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Age, breed, sex and diet influence serum metabolite profiles of 2000 pet dogs.

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