Occupational exam for trainers

Focus on stamina

In partnership with the Kuortane Olympic Training Centre, we offer preparatory courses for the occupational exam for trainers (VAT). With a focus on stamina, the course is suitable for trainers in a range of fields.

Studerande tränar med hjälp av bollar på idrottsplanen.


2200 euro for the preparatory course, including full board at Norrvalla or Kuortane during the on-site study and exam. In addition, around 500 euro is required for study travel.

 The course includes a second stage exam and follows a curriculum approved by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The course consists of ten on-site study sessions and remote assignments, and is completed by occupational tests within two mandatory and one optional study units. The course comprises a maximum of 60 credits and a study plan is prepared individually for each student, based on their previous experience and knowledge as a trainer. The programme also includes a subject-specific study trip.

The course is led and coordinated by Tom Andtbacka and Thomas Asp. The on-site studies will be led by several trainers, course providers and sportspersons, whose background and specialist knowledge will provide a broad and stable basis for future occupational trainers.

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