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Study at the Open University at Åbo Akademi University

During the 2017–2018 academic year, we will offer courses in occupational psychology, crisis psychology, developmental psychology and youth studies, among other themes.

The Open University provides the opportunity to engage in university studies and academic courses without physically enrolling at a university. 

Studerande vid Folkhälsans utbildningsenhet


Åbo Akademi University’s study fee is 50 euro per term and is invoiced after the course starts 
Folkhälsan’s own fee, of 10 euro per credit, i.e. 50 euro for 5 credits invoiced after the course begins, is added to this fee. There may also be charges for materials. 

Open University studies do not lead to an exam, but are taken into account if you apply for and enrol at a university.

The courses are arranged in collaboration with Åbo Akademi University’s Open University. Åbo Akademi University’s study fee is 50 euro per term, which is invoiced after the course begins.


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