NLP Master Practitioner

Further studies for those who are already NLP Practitioners

In NLP Master Practitioner, we go further into your current NLP knowledge and add new and more advanced exercises.

NLP Master Practitioner consists of theory, coaching, exercises and processes. Through training, it extends your flexibility in combining the various processes, tools and knowledge. You practice your ability to tailor your actions to the situation unfolding around you. You also learn to create charts recording your expertise and to live in accordance with your core values.
The master level creates even more opportunities to apply your knowledge in business, leadership, health, communication and pedagogy.

We use insightful reviews to focus on your own activities and experience, and work on the basis of learning by doing. The NLP Master course is based on learning and change at both unconscious and conscious level.

You will learn to become a master of communication and to model excellence and successful strategies.

The course leader is Jeanette Szymanski, and NLP Trainer and Coach in personal development.

Target group

The course is aimed at those who wish to widen and deepen their knowledge of coaching and practical psychology. It does not matter whether your primary interest in the subject relates to personal development, leadership, sales or coaching.

The course is also aimed at those who wish to:

  • learn to coach and help others to develop and grow
  • learn how to engage in self-improvement first
  • break daily patterns and create new habits and strategies
  • learn to communicate effectively and negotiate successfully
  • meta-programme – to increase understanding of people’s behaviour
  • gain access to powerful hypnosis techniques
  • gain concrete tools enabling your success and personal development
  • restructure their history, find out who they really are and discover their passion and meaning in life.

During the course, you will achieve breakthroughs and transformations in several areas that direct your actions and therefore your life.

During the course, we will arrange lectures with exercises, providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to make immediate progress.

Course leader

The course leader at Norrvalla is Jeanette Szymanski

Jeanette has been an NLP Trainer and entrepreneur since 2010. She has completed several educational programmes and courses, both nationally and internationally, in personal development and NLP.

Jeanette has a great deal of experience and a large life-management ‘toolkit’, which she is delighted to share in her lectures and courses. These tools support self-help, while also helping others to achieve their goals, enhance their energy and live to their full potential, both privately and professionally.

Jeanette is a highly skilled and inspiring lecturer who radiates warmth and commitment. She is great at enthusing others with her love and knowledge of her subject. This is sure to make your journey exciting, fun and instructive.

Jeanette has a genuine desire to help people to grow and become more mindful of themselves and others.

The course leader in Solvalla is Bengt Aspfors. Bengt is a Lic. Mental trainer, NLP Trainer, Cert. Hypnotherapist, Psychodramatist, NVC consultant, EFT Master, Voice Dialogue instructor, Mindfulness instructor, Naprapath and businessman, as well as sports trainer. Bengt is also a course leader for the SFI (Swedish Finnish Sports Association).

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