Folkhälsan Syd offers medical services in southern Finland mainly in Swedish, but quite a few services are also available in English and Finnish.

At the medical centre in Karjaa, Hälsotorget, several practitioners speak English in addition to Swedish and Finnish.

In Helsinki, we offer a variety of health services for children, teenagers and young adults as well as families. These services may be available in English, some even on a native speaker level. We have a psychologist with a British background as well as several English-speaking therapists and doctors. Therapies that are less dependent on language skills (occupational therapy, neuropsychiatric coaching and Theraplay) are all available to English speaking families. Folkhälsan may be the right choice for you, if you are looking for high skill, great facilities and a location in the center of Helsinki (Töölö) in English.

We also offer consultations in Helsinki in regard to children’s development. We work mainly with Swedish-speaking children, who speak Swedish as their mother tongue or second language.  An expert may also consult on a child’s level of English. However, we lack a wide scope of tests in English. Team-consultations at Folkhälsan can also not be offered to children with English as their only language.
In Turku and Parainen we offer a variety of health services to children, teenagers, young adults and families mainly in Swedish, but some of these services are available in English. Occupational therapy is available also in Finnish. Speech therapy and psychotherapy are offered only in Swedish. Our team consultations in Turunmaa are only available to children whose mother tongue is Swedish or who are bilingual with Swedish as one of their home languages.

The genetic clinic at Folkhälsan is mainly for Swedish and bilingual families. If part of the family is completely Finnish- or i.e. English-speaking, families may also be served in Finnish or English. Within the clinic’s areas of specialist knowledge, the staff also provides service in Finnish.

The services we can offer in excellent English will soon be listed on this page. If you are interested in high quality services in good English communication skills, but not mothertongue level, please do familiarize yourself with our Swedish pages already and be in touch if you have any questions at all about our services for you